We Urgently Need Your Input

The Vision of CAPA is to create, lead and support a sustainable future for clinical advisory pharmacists. Part of our Mission is to Advocate for clinical advisory pharmacists through developing, supporting and informing about innovative clinical advisory pharmacist services.

John Dunlop, through PSNZ Inc, has developed a document for PSNZ approval that determines salary bands for various pharmacist services and roles. There is now a need for more granular information about what patient focused roles clinical advisory pharmacists undertake, what their salary is – and what you think it should be. We are also exploring the roles of clinical advisory pharmacists that are unique and hence add value above what other health professions may contribute.

Could you please complete the following completely anonymous survey (approx 10 minutes) via Survey Monkey by April 10th 2017

We really appreciate your time and your input as we continue to define the roles of clinical advisory pharmacists and incorporate these into a document that will assist with confirming a suitable remuneration scale.

Thank You for contributing to the future of Pharmacy Practice

To complete the survey, please click HERE